The APP is pleased to present:
Making The Law Work For 21st Century Ports: A Brief Introduction To Challenges We Face And How The Law Can Help Us Meet Them
A Seminar by the Law Office of Alan K. Goldstein

By Zoom: Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 4p.m. PDT

Join us as Alan K. Goldstein provides insights into the challenges and solutions of today’s legal system. The agenda includes:

  1. Setting the Scene: A host of factors including expansion of the Panama Canal, larger vessels (which need deeper channels and bigger berths), growing demand for U.S. energy exports, increasing dependence on automation and technology (and the cyber risk that accompanies them), climate change, geopolitical considerations and disruptions, and the new U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act have ushered in an era of growth and complexity for Pacific ports.  How can the law help advance rather than constrain ports and port authorities in trying to meet these challenges?
  2. The Paper Chase: Virtually every challenge ports face includes a significant legal component and much of that legal piece of the puzzle concerns contracts and related legal documents. Those pieces of paper are not meaningless “boiler plate” but instead essential ways of minimizing and allocating risk, defining rights and obligations, facilitating expansion and combatting claims and exposures if and when things go wrong. Accordingly, it makes abundant good sense to make sure, when negotiating and drafting, that your contracts and other legal documents work for, not against you. Let’s discuss some examples.
  3. Raising Revenues and the Commerce Clause: The difference between a proper port fee for services provided and an improper charge for privileges that taxes or discriminates against interstate commerce.
  4. Our Litigious Society: When lawsuits happen, sovereign immunity, defense and indemnification clauses, timely investigation, appropriate liability insurance and thoughtful advance planning can aid your defense.
  5. Audience Questions and Answers: “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” –- Albert Einstein

About Alan K. Goldstein
With 35 years of experience, Alan K. Goldstein has helped port authorities, barge and towing companies, agribusiness, energy producers and shippers generally, insurers, financiers and other companies that do business in America’s ports navigate the complex mix of issues and regulations that affect their operations. Specializing in maritime law and the interfaces between waterborne and land-based transportation of goods and services, Mr. Goldstein was appointed by the George W. Bush and Barrack Obama administrations to serve two terms on the Lower Mississippi River Water Safety Advisory Committee (“LMRWSAC”) that advises the Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security on navigation safety including in and about the Port of New Orleans. He is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is admitted to practice in California, Illinois, Missouri and numerous federal jurisdictions.

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