August 11, 2021 — Albion Marine Solutions uses the latest and most advanced test equipment for commissioning sampling of Ballast Water Treatment Systems. We do  Ballast water sampling following the detailed analysis to ensure the shipping activities are carried out safely and cleanly. We only use the most high-tech sampling devices, such as hand-held cable, reel samplers and other ballast water sampling systems, to ensure that our instruments are best suited for even the most challenging locations. Our personnel utilizes mobile laboratories for ballast water sampling at ports around the world and are supported by testing locations to ensure faster results. With our global sampling and testing laboratories, you are never far from our certified and globally recognized labs.

The test of ballast water samples as part of the BWTS commissioning is recommended by most Class Societies and is required by the many Flag States. VGP’s ballast water monitoring requirements apply to ballast water discharges from vessels employing ballast water treatment systems used to achieve the effluent limitations. For more information or any query, you can contact us for a ballast water management plan to suit your requirements or mail for any query at