November 5, 2020 — Albion Marine Solutions has been busy with projects around the world…

  1. One of our team members self embarked a ship in Greece a few days ago, to complete a 3D scan & survey for BWTS retrofitting. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has been ready to work. We have been of great support to our clients, colleagues and business partners during this crisis.
  2. Albion Marine Engine Experts team was working onsite last weekend to provide emergency main bearing replacement on a mammoth 10S90ME engine. Our team arrived onboard within a few hours of notice. The team returned back past Monday midnight, having successfully completed the job well before vessel’s morning departure. The job was executed at one of the largest container terminals on west coast of North America – Delta port, BC with the vessel being a part of one of the world’s largest container carrier fleets.


  3. Congratulations to Albion Marine’s Team for completing a Ballast Water Treatment System retrofit onboard a LNG carrier, full commissioning was carried out on Singapore and was, signed off by Albion Marine representative, BWTS supplier Service Engineers and Class. Our team has been carrying back to back installations on three vessels. The next vessel entered dry dock a few weeks ago and installation is in the full swing supported by our onsite supervisors.
  4. The deadline for manufacturers to get the IMO BWMS Code type approval, also known as G8, is getting close. This approval was issued on 21st September 2018 and includes no operational limitations of the BWMS in terms of salinities, water temperatures or holding times. For shipowners who have trades outside the US will be affected by this once it comes into effect on the 28 of October 2020. Read our article here. 
  5. Unlike an emergency situation on land, when a ship faces a crisis at sea, Masters cannot simply dial the emergency services for instant assistance. They take responsibility for dealing with the situation, acting decisively to protect lives and prevent or minimise damage to the ship, environment and cargo.

    The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) have worked in partnership to provide a guide for Masters. “Peril at Sea and Salvage: A Guide for Masters” outlines the actions a Master should take when confronted with an emergency. It also explains the importance of prompt notification to relevant parties with onshore support, particularly coastal States and the company Peril at Sea contains information on the initial response to an incident, implementing the emergency response plan, updates and follow-up actions, and towage and salvage. More information: