Albion Marine is working with the South Asian community to preserve the historical artifact Sea Lion Tugboat, the oldest Tugboat in British Columbia, built-in 1905. Sea Lion Tugboat is one-of-a-kind, with a long history, was hired to escort the Komagata Maru out of Burrard Inlet, sending 376 East Indian Migrants back to an uncertain future. It is a historical artifact for the South Asian community across Canada, specifically in British Columbia, demonstrating the valuable contributions of South Asian Canadians in British Columbia to Canada’s economics, history, and culture.

Albion Marine Solutions would be looking for the best possible method to preserve the historical artifact and ensure that the visitors can experience it in the most rewarding manner. Albion expert marine engineers have already visited the site where Tugboat is currently berthed in Duncan, Victoria Island, and the restoration study is in full swing.